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Endurance Alone (Gone Lawn)
Delicious (X-R-A-Y)
Collateral (The Molotov Cocktail)
A Sandwich (Atticus Review)
Shaky Bones (JMWW)
Decent Exposure (Every Day Fiction)
Attic Stew (Eunoia Review)
The Fad (Every Day Fiction)
Widow’s Peak (Penultimate Peanut)
House Keepers (MetaStellar Magazine)
Losing Mama (Bending Genres)
Spelunker (Brilliant Flash Fiction)
Modern Witch Hunt (Coffin Bell)
Good Brusher (Penmen Review)

Coming Soon: Cataclysm Conjugated (Daily Science Fiction) and Ghost Rain (The Sunlight Press).

Also, my humble thanks to the marvelous Lily Jones, who is responsible for most of these doodles.

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Fiction Publications Lacking a Signature Doodle

Release NaomiMontana Mouthful (surreal story about stray dogs)

Fritz On the OutChrome Baby (psychology study meets Truman Show)

SpelunkerBrilliant Flash Fiction (pregnancy, and an aquarium flooding)

Why I Decided to Leave GlenrioCoffin Bell (horror tale about sprites)

LoggersAlluvian (2nd place winner in Environmental Horror)

M80Burning House Press (fireworks and friendship)