Extra Fiction

These stories of mine inhabit issues, anthologies, and collections available on Amazon (as per the publishers). I have read the entirety of each work and they are excellent, featuring passionate and talented writers. If you’re looking for gobs of creative shorts, you’re in luck.

The Offer (House of Zolo, Volume 3): 350 pages of cli-fi. My story involves an alien proposition to fix our problems…for a price.
The Great Equalizer (The Colored Lens; Summer 2020): Science Fiction and Fantasy shorts with a modern twist.
Rewilding (Murder Park After Dark 3): Dark and twisted tales, just in time for Halloween.
Penance (Crack the Spine; The Year 2019): Flash fiction, poetry and art curated to reflect on the spirit of 2019.

Coming soon: House Keepers (MetaStellar Anthology) and Buying a Snake (Heavy Feather Review).