Fiction for Sale

These stories of mine inhabit issues, anthologies, and collections available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (as per the publishers). I have read the entirety of each work and all feature groundbreaking writing. If you’re looking for the front line of modern speculative fiction, you’re in luck.

Buying A Snake (Heavy Feather Review, Volume 12): Two hundred pages of literary short stories and poetry. Full of heat.
Large Mammals of the American Southwest (Andromeda Spaceways, Issue 87): Thirteen sci-fi stories. Here I wrote about an indoor national park.
The Great Equalizer (The Colored Lens; Summer 2020): Science Fiction and Fantasy shorts with a modern twist.
House Keepers (Best of Metastellar Year One): Forty speculative pieces from the most exciting emerging writers.
Rewilding (Murder Park After Dark 3): Dark and twisted tales, just in time for Halloween.
Penance (Crack the Spine; The Year 2019): Flash fiction, poetry and art curated to reflect on the spirit of 2019.
The Offer (House of Zolo, Volume 3): 350 pages of cli-fi. My story involves an alien proposition to fix our problems…for a price.

Coming soon: N/A.