Doing my part to conserve is what informs my day-to-day. At the Philadelphia Zoo I worked in Environmental Education, hoping to relay how the fantastic creatures of the world–from hulking Rhinos to diligent field mice–need our help. Other professional experiences have come via the renewable energy sector and research about the health effects of hydraulic fracturing. I currently work as a Watershed Organizer.

In my free time, I write, typically late at night, typically rather quickly. My baby, the incoming novel Litter of the Waste, describes tales from a post-post apocalyptic world, one reborn in rubble, in what is known as the Second Renaissance. When not writing, I work with my hands on little projects devoted to the animals I keep. For my gecko I crafted a loft complete with amenities, for my turtle I built a floating garden, and for my sweet old hound I stuffed an extra-downy bed.

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